What the EU Constitution does: A 14-point critical summary

This is a 14-point critical summary of the proposed EU Constitution which is contained in the Treaty Establishing a Constitution for Europe, signed in October 2004. Some 10 countries will be holding referendums on this during 2005 and 2006. Also included is an Appendix listing the 69 further national vetoes that would be abolished by the Constitution and increase the EU’s powers.

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Where the EU Constitution came from

14-Point Summary

  1. Giving the EU the constitutional form of a State

    • The five steps that would make us real citizens of an EU Federation
    • A multinational Federation without a democratic basis
  2. Institutional changes made by the EU Constitution

  3. The new EU’s exclusive and treaty-making powers

  4. The new EU’s shared powers with its Member States

  5. The new EU’s supporting, coordinating and complementary powers

  6. The new EU’s foreign policy and military powers

  7. The new EU’s crime, justice and policing powers

  8. The new EU’s powers to decide our rights

  9. The new EU’s powers to extend its own powers

  10. Setting in stone the EU’s present undemocratic structure

  11. Making the euro constitutionally mandatory

  12. Establishing an ideological Constitution

  13. Laying down contradictory constitutional objectives

  14. Positive things in the EU Constitution

The alternative to the EU Constitution

Appendix 1: Abolishing 69 further national vetoes to add to EU powers Appendix 2: The Constitution’s title and Preamble

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