Wishing you every success with your annual convention.
  The Danish People’s Movement has been an invaluable part the Danish political landscape for many years.  Despite the many obstacles, both blatant and subtle, erected by the EU establishment, your movement has managed to survive and remain central contributor to debates on the EU and how it impacts on the key fundamental principles of democracy. However, your impact has not just been at a national level. Throughout all the member states of the EU your effect has been felt and for this we are eternally thankful.

The impact of your organization has been felt right across EU member states. Campaign’s on EU referenda have not only been inspired by you but have also received invaluable and crucial support in trying to defeat further EU treaty changes that have further eroded our democracies. At this crucial period of EU chaos it is essential that you keep up the good work so that you can help like-minded groups in other countries.   Without your inspiration and support the No votes to EU treaty change may never have happened.   Both TEAM and the EUD have come about as a result of your work and campaign and members of both organizations will be looking forward to working together with you in the crucial months and years ahead.   Denmark is now facing yet another attempt to erode the few democratic protection measures that you have managed to achieve over the years – your opt-outs of Justice & Home Affairs, Military and EURO seem to be once again under threat. Many people across the EU are envious of your achievements and we will endeavor to help you in fighting against the forthcoming attempts to remove your valuable opt-outs.   Sincere best wishes for your future success.   Patricia McKenna
Coordinator of TEAM
President -  EUD